Transformers Generations Selects Rotorstorm



Transformers Generations Selecciona Rotorstorm transforma de figura de acción de 5 pulgadas a helicóptero y vuelve de nuevo. Viene con armas y accesorios.

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  • Transformers Generations Selects Rotorstorm
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  • Transformers Generations Selects Rotorstorm
    Nominal 4.8/5 por los clientes residencia en 650 Opiniones de los usuarios
  • Reviews

    Transformers Generations Selects Rotorstorm
    Nominal 4.8/5 por los clientes residencia en 650 Opiniones de los usuarios

    Excellent figure that feels like he could have come with more to really make him look more like his original design. The colours are great, transformation is still as excellent as it was for Spinister, articular is still excellent.
    He would be five stars though if he had come with his turbines/missile pods to really make him look like his original 1990s version, pity Hasbro didn't do that.

    Not a well known character but a good figure none the less! Alt mode is a helicopter that has two small twin barrel guns that are compatible with blast effects, the figure has a interesting paint job to boot!

    Great paint, looks fantastic

    Love it! It is now my favourite addition to my collection. Good quality, well packaged so no damage in transit.

    A retool that had slot of character, solid articulation and sculpt work, one piece popped off while transforming the figure, and I’ve not been able to find it but that’s more on me then the fault of the figure

    Ridiculously goofy but a tonne of fun!

    Great figure, little awkward to transform but a quick YouTube video sorted that out

    Really pleased with purchase and speed of delivery

    Another great figure from the transformers generations selects range.

    Good figure, slight QC issue (manufacturer issue), which is commonplace is this Hasbro toy line.

    Such a great little figure. Clever transformation to alt mode

    Well toleranced joints, good materials and a fun transformation.
    I looked forward for this edition, as I could not get the old 'G1 Turbomaster' back in the days. :)

    Great figure especially after the head was upgraded.

    Ha ha ha, i got attached to Wreckcruits and now I have another!

    Gotta keep him away fro Overlord though.

    Great fun toy. Good value.

    A fantastically dynamic converting figure with one of the best helicopter modes committed to plastic!

    A great update to the original G1 Rotorstorm. A nice piece of nostalgia.